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Goals for the OpenHatch website project

  • Work duration: July / August
  • Release date: Sep 30


  • Publicity
  • usability
  • stability

Specific goals

  • Website has an events calendar
    • a) someone making sure calagator actually works - Done!
    • b) someone installing it on the main server
    • d) theming
      • done to a (solid) first pass
    • d.5) [Done] Jessica emails jcsims and asks him for sharing / permission / etc
      • [I/P] Get email from jcsims [Done]
    • d.75) someone writing login integration code for it - https://openhatch.org/bugs/issue494
    • e) Asheesh writes a first draft of a policy document for what sorts of events we want on the calendar - http://openhatch.org/bugs/issue496
    • f) we start seeding the calendar with events we know about
  • Implement Mako's suggested changes to the site layout to improve publicity for events, listing events that are friendly to newcomers across all of open source
  • Migrate to OSL, so that OpenHatch Inc. isn't paying for hosting anymore.
    • Assigned to Jack and Asheesh, mainly
  • Make and implement plan for site outages / backups / optimization / etc
  • Project page usability audit (to move focus from bugs to projects), write up detailed bugs (with mockups!)
    • Audit done, bugs filed.
    • IWH UI mockup is blocking on Karen; she aims to do that this iteration
  • Prominent links to the web forum from the training missions
  • DONE
  • Jessica's bug import stuff
  • Kill portfolio auto-importer
    • done!