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Theme: Toward feature completeness

The OpenHatch site has a lot of functionality. But the pieces are not all tied together coherently.

Let's do that this month. Here's the break-down, per section of the site, as to what it would take. See http://lists.openhatch.org/pipermail/devel/2011-September/002353.html for more discussion of what "feature-complete" might mean.


  • Event site supports time zones
  • Events are integrated into front page of main website
  • Front page of the site links to the event policy

Volunteer opportunity finder

  • Bug importing actually, reliably, works. Goal: Fewer than 10% of bugs are stale (>3 days).
    • The problem here seems to be that some bug trackers suffer from really high latencies, or maybe just drop packets entirely and we don't time out in a reasonable way.
  • You can add bug trackers to our import entirely from the web UI.
  • When you click on "Mentors (149)", we should visually break that number down so that people understand how we calculated it.
    • Suggestion: Instead of a number, we can show two visual indicators: one for language, one for project. Can be e.g. signal bars, or "Lots" "a few" "some": <a href="/people/?q=can_mentor%3A%22C%2B%2B%22">Mentors [:::] []</a>

Project pages

  • People who've clicked "I want to help" can be managed by project managers. There is already a good mockup of this in http://openhatch.org/bugs/issue282
    • Note: This UI requires that you log in. That's suboptimal. There's a bug about making this work for non-logged-in users.
  • Projects can mark some training missions as particularly relevant to a project. (I think that permissions aren't important here.)
    • Can you work-around this by telling people to link the relevant missions in their FAQ?
  • Project pages show relevant events, harvested from the events calendar
    • Showing timely events on the front and +me pages is probably an adequate substitute.

Training missions

  • Training missions are organized into meaningful categories. One suggested grouping: by which curriculum module they might be used in, during an in-person teaching event
  • All current training missions have no open bugs.
    • Instead: all bugs have stated work-arounds.


  • We know which pages load slowly, and we publicly graph this

Also, some events

  • Make Boston Software Freedom Day happen

Also, publicity

  • Goal: 10 projects link to the training missions from their documentation
    • (We already have two: mediagoblin and WordPress. We just need eight more!)
    • I would settle for, "Four projects tell us why they do not link to the training missions from their 'Get invovled' page."