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Important user-visible changesEdit

Fix known missions bugsEdit

Add Windows information to missionsEdit

Status: Complete

Add IRC missionEdit

(since this is part of the OHCtC curriculum) (also 'cause everyone asks for it) Bug: Status: Not done

Write user interface for "I want to help" handlerEdit

Owner: aldeka, maaybe

Status: Shipped!

Important back-end changesEdit

Add Launchpad bug importerEdit

Owner: Maybe armooo

Status: Done!

Code cleanupsEdit

  • Move Location into a separate table, out of the Person model:
    • This will let us store geocoded data in the database, dramatically speeding up loading pages within /people/ in many cases
    • We can also then publish the geocoded location data in snapshots, which helps new contributors
    • Status: Done, but without using a separate table!
  • Remove all uses of celery:
    • We have very few uses of celery left, and I think we should do this as part of tidying up the code.
    • Status: Not yet done.
  • Re-do the way we use Twisted to be dramatically more sane
    • No bug filed, I believe
    • Owner: Maybe armooo, maybe paulproteus
    • Status: Not yet done.

Non-code related stuffEdit

Finish missions pedagogy auditEdit

Owner: Karen

Done, as of Feb 8.

Write "HOWTO write a mission" documentationEdit

  • Current unfinished docs page:
  • Owner: Asheesh
  • Plan: Write up docs in rST and Sphinx, and get 'em onto as an experiment to see if that docs venue/format works for us
  • Status: Blocked on cleaning up the svn mission to use class-based views.

Find (and link to) or write command line cheatsheet for "Mission 0"Edit

<paulproteus> I'd be fine shopping around for one so long as it's truly simple enough. <paulproteus> We'd still need our own Windows docs with detailed instructions on getting something like GitBash. <aldeka> cd, ls, mkdir, rm, |, >, grep nonsense... <aldeka> paulproteus: All the things I ask you stupid questions about! :)

  • Status: Not done.

Write documentation about how to add a bugimporterEdit

  • Priority: low
  • Owner: Asheesh
  • Plan: Write up docs in rST and Sphinx; get 'em onto
  • Status: Not yet done.