Community Data Science Workshops

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The Community Data Workshops (CDSW) are a series of sessions designed to introduce some of the basic tools of programming and analysis of data from online communities to absolute beginners.

The CDSW have been held twice in Seattle in Spring and Fall 2014. This wiki includes links to the curriculum we used so thats other can build on and learn from our curriculum:

Although no dates have been set and plans might change, we have tentative plans to run another CDSW at some point in the first half of 2014 and likely during UW's Spring quarter. If you'd like to attend to the CDSW either as a participant or as a volunteer mentor, please subscribe to our announcement email list. The list will get no traffic except for annoncements of an upcoming CDSW.

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Put on your own CDSW

A number of people have expressed interest in putting on their own CDSW or using our curriculum. For example, the Python Workshops for Beginners organized in Waterloo in Fall 2014 were largely based on our curriculum.

If you are interested in doing something like this, we've put together some reflections and resources that might be of interest to you: