Community Data Science Workshops (Spring 2014)/April 5th project instructor outlines

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Both projects we'll use were created by Jessica McKellar and live on GitHub:

They are instructor-led, following roughly these outlines:


  1. Review relevant material from lecture (e.g. for loops)
  2. Go over through as a class
  3. Demo
  4. Have students explore other interesting word properties or play with (BPW has had people start Words With Friends games and cheat using the script)


  1. Review relevant material from lecture (e.g. dictionaries)
  2. Go over SolidColorTest and DictionaryTest in as a class
  3. Have students implement RainbowTest

If people finish (3) early, have them tweak existing effects or write a new one. Example tweaks including:

  • changing the hue bounds in Twinkle
  • change the math in Checkerboards
  • write and customize (e.g. colors) your own message in Message