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This is the OpenHatch cookbook -- a catalog of tools and events that we have found useful for growing and improving tech meetups and open source software projects, with materials and instructions for how you can replicate and adapt them for your community!

The Boston Python Workshop

Curriculum, checklists, and guides for running an introductory programming workshop for women and their friends. Primary materials are for teaching Python, but we also have resources for Ruby on Rails (via Railsbridge) and Scala.

Project Nights

Open Source Comes to Campus

Starling bounties / Fedora Design Bounties

Build-It Days

Training missions (automated learning tools)

If you have any questions on how to run a successful event or use these materials effectively, or are otherwise interested in open tech community outreach, please sign up for the OpenHatch Events mailing list.

All of these materials are both free as in beer and free as in speech to use. If you do use them, though, we at OpenHatch would love to hear about how it goes, either on the Events mailing list or a guest post on our blog!