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Steps to get set up

Goal #1: Set up git

Goal #2: Practice navigating the computer from a command prompt

Goal #3: Set up Python

Goal #4: Prepare a text editor

Goal #5: Prepare the workshop code, via git

Goal #6: Create a special Python environment for the workshop

Goal #7: Checkoff

Demonstrate to your own satisfaction that the following things work:

  1. You can open a command prompt.
  2. You can use cd to get around.
  3. You can run git and see a help message (rather than "Command not found").
  4. You can run python in the command prompt.
  5. You have a text editor configured to use spaces to indent instead of tabs.
  6. You have done the git clone command to get the workshop code.
  7. You have a virtualenv where you have installed the workshop's dependencies.

Setup guide, for instructors

  • Provide a printed check-off sheet, and have TAs roam around and make sure students demo the check-off sheet

Asheesh TODO

Asheesh questions

Then enter:
$ git branch my-branch-1

  • Did you forget "git checkout"?
  • TA guide should have instructions for addressing:
    • If the student can't push during the Sharing section, and it is because they worked on local master, have them rename the branch
    • do github in sharing
  • get some TAs