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* '''Fixing frontend code''': [ MapRoulette] is a fun tool that recommends map edits for you to make. The code is [ on GitHub here], with [ issues listed here]. This issue looks like a good one to get started with fixing: [ "because we use element fadeouts quite a bit, we should probably disable buttons visually right when the user clicks them - right now there is no visual feedback when clicking a button, other than the dialog fading"].
* '''Verifying a reported frontend bug''': The [ OSM Tasking Manager] also helps map editors find editing tasks to work on. The code is [ on GitHub here], with [ issues listed here]. You could help the project by seeing if you can reproduce this reported bug: [ "Seems when scrolling up or down with the mouse wheel within the embed map, it moves both the map scale and the webpage scrollbar"] - and then add more details to that bug in a comment.
* '''Changing frontend code''': The [ OpenHatch at UC Davis] page uses a Google Map - how about switching that to an OpenStreetMap instead? Here's some documentation for how to do this: [ "Embeddable HTML with an added Marker"]. The code is here: [].