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a more productive, welcoming place. Here's how:
a more productive, welcoming place. Here's how:
=== Answer questions from FLOSS newbies, on IRC and in the web forum ===
[How to choose leather belt]Leather belt not only high-grade, and durability and practical and more strong, so has received more people's favour, that how to choose leather belt? Here is to introduce how to choose when the choose and buy leather belt.
Single belt
On OpenHatch's IRC channel ([http://webchat.freenode.net/?nick=openhatch_....&channels=openhatch #openhatch on chat.freenode.net]) and [http://forum.openhatch.org/ web forum], new contributors to any project can ask questions to help them get started.
Single belt is to point to by a layer of leather is made, the observation of belt section can see, this kind of belt as long as the price is not low wide of the mark, is usually leather products. In addition, also can pass the test method to identify. Leather belt force after bending, crease is not obvious, and the short time can be restored, and imitation leather, it is not a effect, mean even damage.
Two layer or multilayer belt
If you have experience with open source communities, OpenHatch needs your help making sure people find answers. Join us on IRC and say hello!
This kind of belt is the layer 2 or 3 layers of leather and become, took down buckle observation belt section can see, this kind of belt is the most easy to manufacturers give false, buyers must be more careful, usual practice is to use a layer of three layers of skin and a layer of PU leather, some even intermediate and foam padding.
The test method and the single belt similar, and at the same time, also can be in section place with his nails trying to peel belt surface color layer, if can peel open, it is proved to be the imitation leather.
=== File bugs and submit patches to this web app's code ===
Belt material color and pattern
All sorts of quality of a material of the belt due to different processing tanning process, and present a variety of different style. Pig skin and skin by stripping stratification, more soft, Hide a body bone starched feeling; Crocodile skin is the choice of a higher grade. Belt on the embossing and texture effect, causes it to become more charm and characteristics.
The OpenHatch.org website is in Python and Django. If you want it to do something new, let us know.
File a ticket at https://openhatch.org/bugs/ (you can log in with your existing OpenHatch account) explaining either a problem you've run into, or a new bit of functionality that would improve the experience.
The source code is open and [https://github.com/openhatch/oh-mainline in Github]. We encourage you to submit patches, too -- and we'll mentor you to make sure your changes can be deployed as quickly as possible. You can read more on this page: [http://openhatch.readthedocs.org/en/latest/getting_started/index.html Getting started with the OpenHatch code].
You can join the [http://lists.openhatch.org/mailman/listinfo/devel development mailing list], where people discuss ideas and improvements for the website (code, user interface, everything).
The [[Main Page]] of this wiki has even more ideas for contributing to OpenHatch.
We welcome people with any degree of experience in programming or web tools. We mean it; it's a website, and it's imperfect, so we know there is something every single person can contribute.
=== Organize events ===
Check out the [http://openhatch.org/events/ list of events we organize] and consider if you want to run one of these within your community.
Our main event project is [http://campus.openhatch.org/ Open Source Comes to Campus]. If you're affiliated with a college (such as a student, staff/faculty, or alumnus), you can help organize an event. Unaffiliated people can also volunteer to teach at a nearby event, make your open source project easy to contribute to for students, help us find company sponsors, and [https://github.com/openhatch/open-source-comes-to-campus contribute to the curriculum]. If you're interested in any of this, you're invited to email us (hello@openhatch.org) or email the [http://lists.openhatch.org/mailman/listinfo/osctc-planning OSCTC planning mailing list].
=== Donate ===
OpenHatch is a non-profit and relies on the public for support. We need financial backing to keep achieving our goal of making free software communities diverse, welcoming, and effective.
Please read more at https://openhatch.org/donate/ !
=== Get in touch ===
We're always interested in hearing about other ways to make FLOSS (free, libre open source software) a more diverse, welcoming set of communities.
You can read more on the [[Contact]] page.

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