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[How to choose leather belt]Leather belt not only high-grade, and durability and practical and more strong, so has received more people's favour, that how to choose leather belt? Here is to introduce how to choose when the choose and buy leather belt. Single belt Single belt is to point to by a layer of leather is made, the observation of belt section can see, this kind of belt as long as the price is not low wide of the mark, is usually leather products. In addition, also can pass the test method to identify. Leather belt force after bending, crease is not obvious, and the short time can be restored, and imitation leather, it is not a effect, mean even damage. Two layer or multilayer belt This kind of belt is the layer 2 or 3 layers of leather and become, took down buckle observation belt section can see, this kind of belt is the most easy to manufacturers give false, buyers must be more careful, usual practice is to use a layer of three layers of skin and a layer of PU leather, some even intermediate and foam padding. The test method and the single belt similar, and at the same time, also can be in section place with his nails trying to peel belt surface color layer, if can peel open, it is proved to be the imitation leather. Belt material color and pattern All sorts of quality of a material of the belt due to different processing tanning process, and present a variety of different style. Pig skin and skin by stripping stratification, more soft, Hide a body bone starched feeling; Crocodile skin is the choice of a higher grade. Belt on the embossing and texture effect, causes it to become more charm and characteristics.