Indianapolis Python Workshop: Difference between revisions

<li>Inspire other people to run their own introductory workshops and outreach events, and to get more user groups thinking about diversity and outreach.</li>
== Schedule ==
The workshop will run from 6pm-9pm on Saturday and 9:30am-4:30pm on Sunday.
=== Friday ===
* 6pm-9pm: set up your development environment, learn how to execute Python code from a file and interactively from a Python prompt, and learn about printing and using Python as a calculator.
=== Saturday ===
* Saturday morning setup, 9:30am-10am: settle in, get your laptop set up, and review Friday's material. We will start the lecture promptly at 10.
* Saturday morning, 10am-noon: a 2 hour lecture-based introduction to the language.
* Saturday lunch, noon-1pm: we'll provide lunch. Please e-mail us <mpw-staff at> with dietary restrictions as you RSVP.
* Saturday afternoon, 1pm-4pm: break out into groups to practice Python through [[Boston_Python_Workshop_6/Saturday_projects|short projects]] on a variety of fun and practical topics.
* Saturday wrap-up, 4pm-4:30pm: wrap-up, next steps, and upcoming opportunities for learning and practicing Python.
== Huh? Python? Snakes? What? ==