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I wanted to spend a mnuite to thank you for this.
== Python Project Night ==
Come practice your Python skills on a variety of fun and practical projects specially designed for beginning Python programmers. Staff from the [[Boston Python Workshop]] will be there to help beginning Python programmers with language basics and practice projects.
<b>Audience</b>: everyone! We'll have something for all Python experience levels.
=== Signup ===
You must <b>register</b> for this event on the [http://meetup.bostonpython.com Boston Python Meetup].
=== Location and time ===
The Horace Mann room at [http://microsoftcambridge.com/ Microsoft New England], One Memorial Drive, Cambridge, MA 02142, from 5:30pm - 9:30pm on Tuesday, July 12th.
The SSID is: CAMBRIDGE. Try to browse the web and you'll be redirected to a page to click through terms of service. The event password is <b>[TBD]</b>.
=== Projects ===
Need some project ideas? How about:
====Learning Python====
* The official Python tutorial: http://docs.python.org/tutorial/. This tutorial is very comprehensive, but it sometimes throws in unnecessarily advanced concepts. This is a solid tutorial for people with prior programming experience, and is still a good tutorial for new programmers if you are willing to skip over the advanced concepts and come back to them later.
* How to Think Like a Computer Scientist: Learning with Python: http://openbookproject.net/thinkcs/python/english2e/. This tutorial does a particularly good job of introducing programming concepts and terminology.
* Learn Python the Hard Way: http://learnpythonthehardway.org. Despite the name, some people find this to be a gentler introduction than the official Python tutorial.
* An introduction to Python through writing games: http://inventwithpython.com/chapters/.
* A project/lecture on object oriented programming run by Anna Callahan.  Download files here: [[July_project_night/OO_lesson | Object Orientation for beginners]]
====Practicing Python====
* Practice Python online with bite-sized exercises: http://codingbat.com/python.
** We also have custom CodingBat questions from the Boston Python Workshop: http://openhatch.org/wiki/CodingBat.
* Staff from the  [[Boston Python Workshop]] will be here to help work through practice projects from the Workshop, including:
** using the Twitter API to write parts of a Twitter client
** wordplay and the power of regular expressions
** programming graphical effects for a ColorWall
** music remixing with the Echo Nest Remix API
* Practice writing code to solve a problem from scratch with the [[Scrabble challenge]].
====Projects and competitions====
* Contribute to an open-source project that uses Python. Developers from [http://openhatch.org OpenHatch], [http://twistedmatrix.com Twisted], and other projects will be here. If you contribute to an open source project that uses Python and want to help new contributors, let us know!
* Want to learn a Python web framework? Check out the Django tutorial: https://docs.djangoproject.com/en/1.3/intro/tutorial01/
* Do data analysis and graphing in Python with the matplotlib plotting library:
** homepage: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/
** tutorial: http://matplotlib.sourceforge.net/users/pyplot_tutorial.html
* Use Python to participate in space exploration: http://spacehack.org/
* Unleash your inner DJ with the [http://code.google.com/p/pyechonest/ Echo Nest] and [http://code.google.com/p/echo-nest-remix/ Echo Nest Remix] APIs.
* Let the bus tell you when it's coming. Google AppEngine and Python based notification system for public transit agencies: http://busminder.sourceforge.net/
* Write an app that improves the transit experience of the New York MTA's 8.5 million daily riders and win great prizes: http://mtaappquest.com/

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I wanted to spend a mnuite to thank you for this.