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* [[Choosing a forum]]
* [[Choosing a forum]]
* [[Python user groups 2013]]
* [[Python user groups 2013]]
* [[Press mentions]]
== Pages that are inactive ==
== Pages that are inactive ==
You can find archived pages in [[:Category:Archived]].
You can find archived pages in [[:Category:Archived]].

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This is a place to share notes about OpenHatch.

Wondering what OpenHatch is? Check out the main site, the project overview, or ask us directly on #openhatch IRC channel on Freenode. You might also want to subscribe to our mailing list or Events List.

We're re-organizing! Pardon the mess.


Want to get involved with OpenHatch? The easiest and best way to do that is to join us on IRC. We have two regular monthly meetings - a release meeting, and an "IRC office hour" - which you can get informed about by joining the mailing list. Or you can just come by! There's almost always someone around.

You can also browse our source code and our documentation.

Specific ways you can get involved[edit]

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Coming soon.

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Pages that are inactive[edit]

You can find archived pages in Category:Archived.