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Meeting objective

To greet each other, figure out where help is needed, discuss our progress on bugs, and sanity-check that we can hit the milestone. (Note: As always, the actual minute logs will be found under Talk:Minutes_10-27-10


  • Bug Progress
  • Milestone Sanity-Check

Topic 0: Bug Progress

  • paulproteus mentions Issue 124, recommending to defer it until Issue 179 is resolved.
  • paulproteus mentions that he's going to be working on Issue 184, and breaking it down into smaller chunks for manageability.
  • paulproteus mentions Issue 168 for discussion.
  • pythonian4000 mentions Issue 179 is on his to-do list, but suggests that there be a cut-off date where the bug will be taken from him, for milestone reachability. (Date chosen as December 4th)
  • paulproteus mentions Issue 166 as in need critical-fix.

Topic 1: Milestone Sanity-Check

  • After discussion, it was decided that we will cut the release cycle short this month, to have ever release around the first of the month.
  • Discussion on specific release dates started, and deferred to a later time.