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This is a page about improving or modifying OpenHatch.

We call that "Hacking OpenHatch," and there is a whole category of pages about that.


The basics:

  • is the main OpenHatch box, which runs the website.
  • Nagios is running on This is also the machine where OpenHatch runs Hudson.


  • There is a nagios user on linode2. We use ssh keys for login. To get ssh access to linode2, paulproteus will need a public ssh key from you. After he's granted ssh access, you should be able to ssh


  • Nagios notifications go to Anyone can subscribe to this list.

Viewing the web interface, and handling the daemon:

  • On linode2, ~/nagios/secrets/ contains the mailman and Nagios web interface passwords.
  • View the Nagios web interface at
  • To restart the Nagios daemon, run sudo /etc/init.d/nagios3 restart


  1. Send Nagios notifications to IRC (#openhatch-auto?)?
  2. Make the Nagios web interface world-viewable.
  3. Currently, only paulproteus has access to linode, so only he can do things like reboot the machine. We're still working out an access model that makes sense.
  4. Version the monitoring configurations.