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The interface for subscribing to OpenHatch's many mailing lists can be found here.

Below is a list of our lists, which will perhaps help you decide which ones you want to subscribe to.

To sort still Barnraising [no description available] Greenhouse Discussion of mentee tracker tool Monitoring [no description available] Monitoring-private This is where the live site sends error emails OpenAdvice Discussions about the Open Advice book project OpenAdvice-announce Announcements about the Open Advice book project Pedagogy [no description available] pydata-outreach-staff [no description available] WFS-India Women in Free Software & Culture in India WMF-outreach-staff

Lists You May Want to Subscribe To

discuss Discussion around OpenHatch announce Announcements for users of OpenHatch Peers Discussion of how peers can improve FLOSS and the social system around it Publicity Publicity for OpenHatchy events, projects, and the site itself OSCTC-planning Planning for Open Source Comes to Campus Devel OpenHatch development Events [no description available] Campus-announce OpenHatchy for College/University people

Other Lists

Closed Lists

  • Alumni: Restricted to past OSCTC attendees
  • Board: Restricted to the OpenHatch Board
  • Fundraising-2014: Restricted to participants in our Nov/Dec 2013 fundraising efforts

Event-specific lists

Open Source Comes to Campus lists

These lists are almost entirely closed and inactive.

  • Campus-amherst-staff: UMass Amherst event list
  • Campus-berkeley-staff: UC Berkeley event list
  • Campus-boston-summer-staff: NEU event list
  • Campus-chicago-staff: UIC event list
  • Campus-columbia-staff: Columbia event list
  • campus-harvard-staff: Harvard event list
  • campus-IUB-staff: IUB event list
  • campus-JHU-staff: JHU event list
  • Campus-morris-staff: UMN-Morris event list
  • Campus-osu-staff: OSU event list
  • Campus-portland-staff: PDX event list
  • Campus-princeton-staff: Princeton event list
  • Campus-purdue-staff: Purdue event list
  • campus-RPI-staff: RPI event list
  • Campus-rutgers-staff: Rutgers event list
  • campus-UIUC-staff: UIUC event list
  • Campus-wellesley-staff: Wellesley event list
  • ccsf-campus-staff: CCSF event list
  • Penn: UPenn event list

Other event lists

  • Cpw-staff: Chicago python workshop staff
  • Bpw-staff: Boston Python Workshop staff list
  • mpw-staff: Midwest Python Workshop staff list
  • npw-staff: NYC Python Workshop staff list
  • Pdxpw-staff: PDX Python workshop staff list
  • phlpw-staff: Philly Python workshop staff list