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===What's an 'OpenHatch affiliated project'?===
An affiliated project is a free/open source project which is working with OpenHatch to welcome new contributors to their community. Affiliated projects are characterized by a friendly culture and a willingness to do some extra work to make their projects more accessible.
===What does an affiliated project do?===
To become an affiliated project, you'll need to do two things.
==== 1. Develop a good project guide ====
Over time, we've learned that the best projects to recommend to newcomers are those that have clear, thorough guides for newcomers.
Practically speaking, we'll test your setup and documentation ourselves before listing you on our OH-affiliated projects page, so you might as well work with us to get there. We've found that newcomers such as our [ OSCTC alumni] are very well suited to this kind of contribution.
==== 2. Identify appropriately-sized tasks ====
Once your project has good documentation, we'll work with you to help identify tasks that new contributors can handle. We call these "Curated First Tasks". A good first task should not require extensive knowledge of the code base to fix, and should be doable relatively quickly. First tasks can be code-based, but don't need to be. Documentation, bug verification, testing, design, translation, and other types of tasks are all very welcome. You can see examples of past curated tasks [ here].