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What's an 'OpenHatch affiliated project'?

[Brief blurb.]

Affiliated projects promise to:

  • Work with OpenHatch staff and volunteers to create good, readable documentation for setting up your development environment and contributing to your project.
  • Help provide curated first tasks for attendees at our events. This means keeping an eye out for appropriate tasks and assigning them to an "OpenHatch" account on your bug tracker. If you're worried about OpenHatch-assigned bugs lingering unfixed, contact us and we'll talk to you about timing.

Awesome things that you can do, but are in no way required:

  • We are always looking for enthusiastic staff to come to our events. If maintainers or core contributors are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you! Our attendees have had some wonderful experiences working through bugs with project maintainers sitting right beside them.
  • It's always great for attendees to get quick feedback. If you can keep an eye on your projects during our events and respond quickly, that would be wonderful!

List of OpenHatch affiliated projects.

(Coming soon.)