Open Source Comes to Campus/Logistics/Email templates

Here are current versions of our email templates.

Staff Recruitment Email


(Insert appropriate introduction or greeting, based on whether/how you know the potential staffer.)

We’re running an event on date at place and I was wondering if you would be interested in helping out!

The event runs from times', with coffee, bagels and socializing for an hour beforehand. (Staff won't need to show up at start of day sharp, but should be there by start of instruction if possible.) You can find out more about the event at this url.

We're looking for people to help mentor attendees as they learn how to contribute to open source projects. Instructors with a variety of backgrounds are welcome: while it's great if you have tons of experience using git and setting up development environments, we're also looking for people who've been involved with open source as non-programmers, who know a bit about picking bugs and submitting patches, or who just like to talk about their experiences with open source.

If any of this sounds appealing to you, and you're available on date, email us back at email to coordinate. If you're interested but not available, I can put you on a list of potential volunteers to contact when we next run an event in the area. And feel free to pass this along to others in the area who you think might be interested.


As applicable, you can insert:

We'd love if you would be interested in speaking briefly on a 'career panel' that helps students understand how open source software has fit into the professional lives of some of their instructors. We're still nailing down the details, but in the past this has taken place before lunch to give students a chance to learn more about their instructors so they can chat with them in greater depth at lunchtime.


We are also looking for a few people to give tutorials on the command line, open source communication tools, the history and ethics of free software, and using git. We have materials that you can work off of or use as inspiration, if needed.

Publicity Emails

Preface when requesting email be sent via mailing list

to CS departments/clubs

to science departments/clubs

Using the template below, you can substitute in:

  • the name, department, and institution of the person/list you are contacting
  • the open source project relevant to the department, which can be found here

Confirmation emails



Follow up email