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This is our space checklist for OSCTC events. The first set are questions that should be asked early on in the process, before choosing a location. The second set are not deal-breakers but are important to know before the event so you can prepare.

Before Choosing A Location

  • Will the room fit the number of attendees + staff who may attend? (For our events, that means it needs to fit at least 30 people.)
  • Will the room be accessible during the event? Do you need identification to enter the building?
  • Is there easily accessible wifi for both attendees and staff?
  • Is there equipment for projecting during presentations and demos?
  • Is food allowed, either in the room or nearby?
  • Is the room free to use, or within your budget?

Before the Event

  • What is the power situation like? Should we bring power strips?
  • Do we need adapters to use the projector?
  • How do you access the wifi?
  • What network restrictions seem to be in place? (Check for both attendees and staff, if they have have separate networks, such as EDU and EDU-Guest.)
    • Does SSH work?
    • Does IRC work?
    • Does doing a git clone over the git:// protocol work?
    • Do websites over http:// work?
    • Do webites over https:// work?
    • What kind of bandwidth do the networks seem to give? (A good way to find out is to just use a normal speed testing site like .)
  • Where will we set up food?
  • Where are nearby bathrooms and water fountains, if they exist?
  • What restrictions on movement around the area will be in place? (e.g., will people have to be let in a locked door by a student at some point?)
  • What signs will need to be placed to direct students through the building and to the room?