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Open Source Comes to Campus: UMD

This workshop is running Sat-Sun, April 21-22. at RPI, starting at 10 AM

Audience: anyone interested in getting started contributing to open source projects (in any capacity, including code, documentation, artwork, translations, and more). Additionally, the tools and skills we'll cover are universally useful and aren't typically taught in school, so anyone with an interest in the material is welcome and encouraged to attend!

Want to contribute to open source projects, but not sure where to start or what tools to use?

In this 2 day workshop we'll cover:

  • what open source is: where it came from, what makes it important, and the many ways to contribute
  • the life cycle of a project bug
  • using IRC to get help and talk to other project contributors
  • how to create and submit a patch to a bug tracker for review
  • how to check out code stored in a revision control system and apply patches to it

By the end of this workshop you will have hands-on experience with all of the common tools used to contribute to open source projects and will be ready to go out and contribute to your first project. We'll wrap up with resources to continue practicing and ways to find good projects and bugs for new contributors.

Space is limited, so you must RSVP for this event!

You must bring: a wifi-enabled laptop and charger.

Prerequisites: None. We'll help you get your computer set up.

Please e-mail with questions about the curriculum, software installation, or anything else.

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