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Goal #1: practice navigating from the command lineEdit

Many of the tools of open source development are primarily used via the command line. Let's get some practice with navigating the computer from the command line.

Goal #2: install gitEdit

Git is a popular revision control system that is used by many open source projects. We'll use it during this workshop.

Goal #3: install an IRC clientEdit

IRC is a real-time chat protocol that open source projects often use to talk about the project and as a medium for users and developers to help each other.

Goal #4: practice using SSHEdit

SSH allows you to securely access a shell (like the command line window you used earlier) on a remote machine.

Goal #4: practice using a plain text editorsEdit

Make sure you know how to use a plain text editor. If you don't have experience using one of those, ask an instructor for help installing one.

Our suggestions:

  • gedit on Linux
  • Notepad++ on Windows
  • Smultron on OS X


You are done with laptop setup!


Take a break, stretch, meet some neighbors, and ask the staff if you have any questions about this material.

Bonus materialEdit

If you finish laptop setup early: