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==Ethics and History of Free Software==
The tried-and-mostly-true version of this section is a lecture: [[/Ethics_history_talk|Ethics history talk]].
Typically this takes 20-30 minutes and takes place right before the Career panel.
The more interactive, more un-tested version of this section is a series of activities: [[history and ethics activities]]
The inspiration for the career panel comes partly from a past event, namely the first one (at Penn). After the main lecturer (Asheesh) gave a history tour in the lecture, students did Q&A with him and one other staffer. The main lecturer and the other staffer had similar but different opinions, which helped.
To deliver an equivalent lecture to what was given at at UMD or Wellesley College, follow the link to the full [[/Ethics_history_talk|Ethics history talk]].
==Github Demo==