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On Windows, we'll be using Putty, a popular SSH client. SSH stands for "secure shell". It allows you to securely access a shell (like the command line window you used earlier) on a remote machine.

Putty setup instructions

  1. Download Putty from this link. Select putty.exe under the "Binaries" section and "For Windows on Intel x86" subsection".
  2. Read through the material on Getting started with Putty. We'll practice using Putty/SSH in depth later in the day.
  3. We have set up access to a Linux machine for you to play with. Here are the credentials for that machine:
    username: uiuc
    password: RP_0pNh+ch
    Using that account information, and following along with the PDF from the previous step, try using Putty to log into as username uiuc.
  4. Since this remote machine is running Linux, you'll need to use Linux commands to navigate the filesystem on the machine. Please read the Linux command line navigation section, and then play around with those commands on

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