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Audience of this page

A volunteer staff member

Your goal, over the next 60-90 minutes

  • Provide students with a plausible, albeit simulated, open source project experience where they express some creativity and learn, by using, new technical skills (git+github) and communication skills (issue trackers, IRC).

Things you need to know

  • We have created a Github organization for you to use, with your students forking and submitting pull requests to a static HTML website.
  • We have created bitesize issues in that static HTML project, filed in Github issues.
  • Students are expected to:
    • within Github, assign the ticket to themselves before working on it.
    • work using our "bug report" printed worksheet, so that the process of working with bugs in a project is very clear in their mind.
  • Your goal is to help them succeed!
  • Students can chat in person with whoever they want, but you should encourage them to also keep IRC open during the experience. Feel free to mentor them in person, with your voice, and to encourage students to work together.
  • If students work together, try to have them leave all of their github usernames somewhere on the Github issue that they solved as a group. That's for our record-keeping about how the event went.
  • Asheesh recommends you encourage Windows and Mac users to stay away from "Github for Windows" and "Github for Mac" because the steps you need to follow with those are different than what we have documented. Others have disagreed on this, but that's what Asheesh thinks. (The laptop setup guide also steers clear of those, so if students are following directions, they will do things the Asheesh way.)
  • This is the first time we've done the event this way, and it's a bit of an experiment!
  • If you finish early, or if you have questions, tell Asheesh and Shauna on the #openhatch IRC channel.