Oss projects by domain

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Please format disciplines in the following way:

  • Name of Discipline
    • Recommended
      • OSS that is commonly used within the discipline, that an undergraduate reasonably might know about.
      • There can be multiple projects!
    • Other
      • This are projects that are less well known or highly specific, but still active and interesting.
      • There can be multiple projects
    • Testimonials
      • Feel free to include your name & bibliographical info/url, if you want, or leave it anonymous
    • Resources
      • Links to places to find more info.

For additional projects, you can look through the Wikipedia page on free science software.

Most Common Departments

Less Common Departments

  • Aeronautics and astronautics
    • Recommended
      • SunPy, a solar physics library actively maintained by NASA GSFC.
    • Other
    • Testimonials
    • Resources: