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==Workshop Resources==
==Workshop Resources==
/[[Code of Conduct]]
/[[Code_of_Conduct | Code of Conduct]]

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We organize and teach Python workshops in Philadelphia. Our primary goal is to bring more women into Philadelphia Python community, but we cater to all audiences. Questions? Contact us at phlpw-staff@lists.openhatch.org.

Current Workshops

Our next workshop is on April 5 & April 6, 2013 at Monetate. More information and registration on the PhillyPUG meetup site. Note: you must join PhillyPUG to register for the workshop.

Workshop Resources

/ Code of Conduct





Pythonista Gatherings

PhillyPUG (Python User Group)

PyStar Philly

Girl Develop It Philly

Previous Philly Python Workshops and Project Nights

Philly Python Workshop 4

Philly Python Workshop 3

Philly Python Workshop 2

Philly Python Workshop 1