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== Pythonista Gatherings ==
* [ | Philadelphia Python User Group] meetup for python events of all types
* [ Chicago Women Developers], Thursdays are hack nights
* [ FreeGeek event calendar], Saturday open hacks
* [ ChiPy] (Chicago Python User Group) every 2nd Thursday of the month
* [ Pumping Station: One event calendar]
** [ Python Office Hours], 1st and 3rd Thursdays of the month
** [ Not Exclusively Raspberry Pi], Bi-weekly, Monday, 7pm-9pm
* [!forum/django-chicago Chicago Djangonauts mailing list], They meet periodically to discuss the django framework. Join the mailing list to get meeting announcements.
== Previous Chicago Python Workshops ==
* [[/ChicagoPyStar Philly Python Workshop 24]]
* [[/ChicagoPyStar Philly Python Workshop 13]]
* [[/PyStar Philly Python Workshop 2]]
* [[/PyStar Philly Python Workshop 1]]