Python user groups 2013: Difference between revisions

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What else?
== Pinging user groups ==
Groups where I think I can make a difference:
* ChiPy
** Pinged someone there to have a Hangouts conversation. Hoping to hear back by Mon Aug 26.
** This could lead to 1/3 speaker diversity goals.
* SF Python
** Pinged them with a possible speaker.
** This could lead to 1/3 speaker diversity goals.
* DC Python
* Vancouver Python
** I sent them a ping. Could be a good target for a project night.
* Paris Python
** Probably they'd love to do a project night. Yay Sylvain Zimmer.
Groups where further research is required:
* NYC Python
* SF Django
* Austin Python
* NYC Django
* Sydney Python
* Brisbane Python
* Oslo Python
* Miami Python
* Pune Python
* Hyderabad Python
* Cleveland Python
* Django Stockholm
* Python Ireland
* Pittsburgh Python
* Python Chile
Groups that seem OK:
* Boston Python
** I presume they have things under control, but maybe I should check in anyway.