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Between June 1 2013 and Dec 1 2013:

  • At least 3 intro / diversity events get run after consultation with the fellow in each of the first and second half of the fellowship
  • At least 3 user groups improve their speaker diversity in the first half of the fellowship and at least 5 user groups improve their speaker diversity in the second half of the fellowship


Within the first month:

  • Will announce the project to the group-organizers mailing list.
    • By Mon June 10.
      • Will actually send Fri June 14; blog post will go live today.
  • Write an outline for the informational index page that has info for user group organizers.
    • If time this month, turn that into a high-clarity web page.
    • Will probably try to get in person feedback from Michelle Rowley when I visit Portland for Open Source Bridge.
    • Will publish the source to the website as a git repository on presumably Github, to accept pull requests and other feedback.
    • Outline by June 17.
  • Identify 20 Python user groups and get in touch with their organizers, presumably by email, indicating these goals of the meta-organizer fellowship, linking to the guide, and asking if they'd like to participate and/or chat about the guide.
    • To help me do the contacting in batch, first I'll be making a spreadsheet or similar table of these groups, with estimates for their sizes.
    • Initial contact by Wed June 26.

Info website

Let's start by making it Asheesh's tips for a great user group.

Those are:

  • Think about newcomer-friendliness in your topics
  • Don't do it alone (see also Yannick summary)
  • Host lightning talks
  • Have a social thing after the talks
  • Run a BPW clone
  • Keep track of your success
    • Random sampling is a good tool in general, if you can't reach everyone
  • Funding tips
    • PSF wants to fiscally sponsor you probably/possibly
    • Get your Meetup fees refunded

What else?


I also already know some text changes I should make, having used the text as part of convincing ChiPy to do project nights.

Pinging user groups

Groups where I think I can make a difference:

Groups where further research is required:

Groups that seem OK:

  • FIXME: Add socal linux stuff per #openhatch conversation 2013-08-30