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Test your changes by re-running the game, running into the bad snake to end the game, and making sure you can restart.
==Bonus exercises==
=== 1. Play a sound when you eat food ===
We've included <code>ding.ogg</code> as a sample sound, but find and add your own if you want!
Test your changes by re-running the game with the sound on and observing that a noise is played when the snake eats pieces of food.
=== 2. Give yourself multiple lives ===
Typically in games you have multiple lives available. Give your snake 3 lives to start with, lose a life each time you run into yourself or the bad snake, and display how many lives remain in the upper left corner.
You may find it convenient to create a new file with a new class called <code>Lives</code> that keeps track of this game state and the work of updating the display.
You've read, modified, and improved a game using Pygame that uses images and sound and game concepts like an event loop and managing keypresses. Keep practicing!