Software Freedom Day 2011 Boston/Checklist

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Before leaving home, bring:

  • Power strip
  • Laptop, laptop power cable
  • Cell phone, cell charger
  • Digital camera, with working SD card
  • Box of Windows-oriented DVDs, and Ubuntu CDs, and Mac-oriented DVDs

At 9 AM, get to venue.

While there, ask about:

  • Printing welcome sheet, x100 [1]
  • Printing drink tickets

At 9:30 AM, configure mizmo's laptop to do VGA out.

At 10 AM, start getting Ignite talkers to find me and give me slides. Configure freedeb's laptop to do VGA out.

At 10:30 AM, introduce the event (BRIEFLY) and freedeb and mizmo.

At 11 AM, introduce Ignite format.

At last, smeoone comes up with the "right" answer!