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* practice reading data from a file
* practice using the matplotlib Python plotting library to analyze data and generate graphs
== Project setup ==
Please wave over a staff member and we'll help you pick which option is best for you computer.
=== 1. Install the project dependencies ===
Please follow the official matplotlib installation instructions at
Installing matplotlib and its dependencies is somewhat involved; please ask for help if you get stuck or don't know where to start!
=== 2. Download and un-archive the Matplotlib project skeleton code ===
Un-archiving will produce a <code>Matplotlib</code> folder containing several Python and text files.
=== 3. Test your setup ===
Run the <code></code> script in your <code>Matplotlib</code> directory. A window with a graph should pop up.
You've read, modified, and created scripts that plot and analyze data using matplotlib. Keep practicing!
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