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== Goal #1: install an IRC client ==
IRC is a real-time chat protocol that open source projects often use to talk about the project and as a medium for users and developers to help each other.
* [[/OSX IRC|OS X]]
* [[/Linux IRC|Linux]]
== Optional: Log into our server ==
For the command line tutorial, if you have Linux or Mac OS X, then you're already good to go.
On Windows, we recommend you log into our demonstration server to try a Linux command line. (It runs Debian.)
* [[/Windows SSH|Windows]]
== Command line practice ==
* [[Open Source Comes to Campus/Curriculum/Saturday/CLI/Six ways to quit|Six ways to quit]]
* [ Practice with tar]
* [ Practice with diff]
== Goal: Find a task to work on ==
* '''Use this guide''':
* If you want help finding a project, read here:
== External links ==
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