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# [ Download Putty from this link]. Select <tt>putty.exe</tt> under the "Binaries" section and "For Windows on Intel x86" subsection".
# Read through the material on [ Getting started with Putty]. We'll practice using Putty/SSH in depth later in the day.
# We have set up access to a Linux machine for you to play with. Here are the credentials for that machine:<pre>Hostname:</pre><pre>username: uiuc</pre><pre>password: RP_0pNh+ch</pre>Using that account information, and following along with the PDF from the previous step, try using Putty to log into <tt></tt> as username puckman<tt>uiuc</tt>.
# Since this remote machine is running Linux, you'll need to use Linux commands to navigate the filesystem on the machine. Please read the [[../Linux_command_line|Linux command line navigation section]], and then play around with those commands on <tt></tt>.
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