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* If you finish that, work through this second URL:
** (put on projector: ) but we really encourage you to work through the training mission first.
==Career Panel==
We aim for four panelists representing a diversity of open-source jobs. For example, past panelists have included people who work for [ Red Hat] [ BoCoup Loft] [ the Sunlight Foundation] and [ the Personal Genome Project], as well as freelancers.
We start off by asking each person to introduce themselves, their current occupation, and their current employer and to talk very briefly about how that work relates to open source.
Then - questions! Frequent questions include:
* How did you first hear about/get involved in open source?
* What advice would you have for if students should participate in open source things in college? Are there particular things that do or don't matter, as things to focus on? (For example, "Definitely start your own open source project rather than contribute to existing ones" or "Don't waste time talking to people on IRC".)
* Do you have advice on what to do when approaching a project for the first time? Either in terms of code, or in terms of community.
We typically do the career panel just before lunch so that attendees can socialize with panelists immediately afterwards.
==Ethics and History of Free Software==
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