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** Encourage attendees to keep hanging out on IRC, keep doing training missions and to keep working on the bugs from our bug tracker.
** Remind them about programs like GSoC and GNOME outreach.
== Edits Needed ==
* Prepare a solid plan for a nice looking version of this page (aka a "frame" to help people navigate the materials)
* Improve the Github demo by adding screenshots and stating more clearly what to say out loud
* Revisit the intro to FLOSS
* <strike>Make Intro to Version Control less wall-of-text-y</strike>
* Improve Contributions Workshop section once we've got the new issue tracker/compiler
== Practice reading a bug, in pairs -- exercise ==
We have begun asking students to work in pairs to understand, with each others' help, bugs in real open source software packages.
The handout for that is available here:
There is currently no instructor guide for it.
To print it out:
* ''git clone'' that repository
* ''make'' to build a PDF
* If on Debian/Ubuntu, you likely need to ''apt-get install texlive-latex-extra'' for it to build happily.
== Website editing via git -- exercise ==
This is taking the place of the previous "Github demo".
* Notes for the event organizer: [[Open Source Comes to Campus/Website editing via git/Preparing repositories]]
* Instructor handout: [[Open Source Comes to Campus/Website editing via git]]
* Student + instructor handout: [[Open Source Comes to Campus/Github pull steps]]
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