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If the following seems daunting to produce by yourself, we're happy to facilitate a "set-up sprint" - an IRC meeting (or meetings, as needed) where OpenHatch volunteers attempt to get started with your project. This will allow you to quickly and efficiently handle problems with dependencies, documentation, etc.
Practically speaking, we'll test your setup and documentation ourselves before listing you on our OH-affiliated projects page, so you might as well work with us to get there. We've found that newcomers such as our [ OSCTC alumni] are veryparticularly well -suited to making this kind of contribution., and especially excited to do so!
====2. Identify appropriately-sized tasks ====
* the First Tasks page, which we will be sending newcomers to on a regular basis
Tasks for events should generally be fixable in two hours or less, although obviously it's hard to know ahead of time. OpenHatch will go through the tasks before listing them for volunteers to work on. We may ask you to provide more detail about the task, such as where in the project to make the change, or how to verify the problem. This is typically a very quick process.
Tasks for events should generally be fixable in two hours or less.
==== Other things you can do as an OH-affiliated project ====
You may also be interested in mentoring newcomers as they work on larger tasks. [ Details].
==== Other ways to get involved ====
These are in no way necessary to become an OH-affiliated project, but sure would be neat:
* We've found that it's super helpful to students to have a maintainer for the project their contributing to directly available during the event. While sometimes this means actually physically attending the event, more typically it means being available remotely, via IRC, for 2-3 hours. You certainly don't need to commit to doing this for every OSCTC event (last year, we had 13 of them!) but it would be great if you could virtually attend a couple. Projects which have maintainers at hand will be emphasized during our events.
* We are always looking for enthusiastic staff to come to our events. If maintainers or core contributors are interested in volunteering, we'd love to have you! Our attendees have had some wonderful experiences working through bugs with project maintainers sitting right beside them.
* Often times easy "bite-size" bugs get fixed quickly by maintainers. We find it useful to assign bitesize bugs to OpenHatch, or to leave comments explaining that we're hoping to reserve these tasks for newcomers, although with small projects a simple email to the developer list saying, "Hey, can you leave X, Y and Z tasks alone until after the weekend?" will suffice. We can work with you to figure out the best way to balance reserving these tasks for newcomers with your need to keep your project up to snuff.
===What are the current Open-Hatch affiliated projects?===
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