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* Often times easy "bite-size" bugs get fixed quickly by maintainers. We find it useful to assign bitesize bugs to OpenHatch, or to leave comments explaining that we're hoping to reserve these tasks for newcomers, although with small projects a simple email to the developer list saying, "Hey, can you leave X, Y and Z tasks alone until after the weekend?" will suffice. We can work with you to figure out the best way to balance reserving these tasks for newcomers with your need to keep your project up to snuff.
* If you're enthusiastic about mentoring students through bigger contributions, we're happy to set you up with an enthusiastic volunteer. We also ask that you do a little extra thinking about the task. In addition to making sure the project as a whole is well documented (see step #1 above), bigger tasks should:
** Be well scoped and clearly defined, with a definite end.
** Have step-by-step documentation for how to complete the task.
** List the skills the new contributor will acquire, knowledge and experience they will gain, and impact their contribution will make.
Once completed, we will feature the contribution in our OpenHatch newsletter. We encourage you to make a similar post to your project's blog or mailing list.
===What are the current Open-Hatch affiliated projects?===
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