Python user groups 2013: Difference between revisions

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* Will announce the project to the user-group-organizers mailing list.
** By Mon June 10.
** I seem to have fallen off the list. Need to get back on, and re-tune my mailing list setup so I can handle more mailing lists again.
* Write an outline for the informational index page that has info for user group organizers.
* Identify 20 Python user groups and get in touch with their organizers, presumably by email, indicating these goals of the meta-organizer fellowship, linking to the guide, and asking if they'd like to participate and/or chat about the guide.
** To help me do the contacting in batch, first I'll be making a spreadsheet or similar table of these groups, with estimates for their sizes.
*** Probably write some trivial scripts to pull data out of Meetup for this.
*** Probably ask Lynn about PyLadies groups and how they get organized.
** Initial contact by Wed June 26.
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