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Adding current status
(Adding current status)
* FIXME: Add socal linux stuff per #openhatch conversation 2013-08-30
== Status ==
=== Dates ===
Started: June 1, 2013
Mid-way: Nov 1, 2013
Extended end: March 1, 2014
=== Delivered: First half ===
First half:
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# SF Python started running Project Nights
# An introductory Python lecture in a new user group in Bhubaneswar, India, run by Tarashish Mishra. This led to the creation of [ PyBBS]).
Groups with gender diversity improvements in speakers:
1. SF Python
=== Delivered: second half ===
(Star indicates not yet happened, but seems very likely to happen.)
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# Python Dominican Republic ran a Project night
# ChiPy (Chicago) is running a Project Night, Feb 27
# (*) A multi-week intro Python event Seattle is going to be organized by Mako; I've linked him to the PyLadies Seattle group and the Seattle Python Users group, and will work to foster a collaboration if I don't see one forthcoming in the next few days.
# (*) PyLadies NYC is working on a Linux Night (their idea!) and I'm helping them with scripts and general support.
Groups with gender diversity improvements in speakers:
# (*) PDX Python is working on recruiting newbie Python programmers for a newbies lightning talks series, which is expected to include women speakers (which have been infrequent there, despite the 15-20% women at meetings).
=== Post-second-half ===
Groups running intro & diversity events:
# (*) PyLadies Boston is excited about running a Django tutorial, though Jennifer there says it's likely to occur after PyCon
# (*) (?) Python Barcelona is likely to do lightning talks in March, which may include women speakers
That's the status right now, if I recall correctly. The second half has
about three weeks left.
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