First Tasks: Difference between revisions

Each of these is a bug that you should fix on your computer, and when you are satisfied with the fix, create a pull request for. These are supposed to be sorted from easiest to hardest, though your mileage may vary.
* -- on Windows, our use of the Tuffy font is very ugly. If you have Windows, you can help us out by looking into how we reference the Tuffy font, and see if you can find a version of Tuffy that renders more nicely on Windows. We'd love a pull request that lets us keep using this font that also makes it work on Windows! (If you try multiple things, and they all results in the same jagged-ness, then please also say so on the bug.)
** Skills you'll need (to have, or to learn): Reading CSS files; general understanding of web fonts.
Harder tasks:
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