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=== Getting Started ===
===== How much time do we need to plan? =====
This timeline spells out what needs to be done by when. Over the last few years of running events, we've learned that while you can rush things, events are far, far better with time to plan and take care of unexpected obstacles.
To be clear: missing deadlines doesn't always mean postponing the event - although that will always be our recommendation. But it may mean it'll be harder for us to deliver on our promises to you, such as finding volunteers or helping you find funding. We strongly encourage you to follow this timeline.
'''By 4 weeks before the event'''
* Date picked
* Suitable location reserved
* Tasks assigned to planners
'''By 3 weeks before the event'''
* Minimum # of local and remote volunteers recruited
* First round of publicity out
* Budget planned/funding secured
'''By 1 week before the event'''
* Minimum number of attendees signed up
* Attendee confirmations sent
* All volunteers recruited
* Publicity finished
=== Picking a place and time ===
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