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This is a place to share notes about OpenHatch.
Wondering what OpenHatch is? Check out the <span class="plainlinks">[ main site]</span>, the [ project overview], or ask us directly on #openhatch IRC channel on Freenode. You might also want to subscribe to our <span class="plainlinks">[ mailing list]</span> or [ Events List].
We're re-organizing! Pardon the mess.
== Contribute ==
Want to get involved with OpenHatch? The easiest and best way to do that is to [ join us on IRC]. We have two regular monthly meetings - a release meeting, and an "IRC office hour" - which you can get informed about by joining the [ mailing list]. Or you can just come by! There's almost always someone around.
You can also browse our [ source code] and our [ documentation].
===== Specific ways you can get involved =====
* Work on one of the issues in our [ issue tracker].
* Work on a hand-picked [[First_Tasks | first task]] from one of our affiliated projects.
* Do you contribute to or maintain an open source project? Make it an [[OpenHatch_affiliated_projects | affiliated project]].
* Add to our [ training missions] (ie tutorials):
** [ Steps for writing & adding a mission.]
** [[Mission_suggestions | Ideas for missions]].
** Or fix [ bugs in existent missions].
* Add information to these in-progress wiki pages:
** [[Open Science Projects and Organizations]]
** [[Oss_projects_by_domain | scientific open source projects by domain]]
** [[Books on Open Source]]
** [[Open Science for Undergrads]]
== OpenHatch events ==
* [[Open_Source_Comes_to_Campus | Open Source Comes to Campus]] is a series of weekend workshops at colleges to teach students how to get involved in open source software.
* [[Python Workshops|Python and data science workshops]]
* [[Events | Other events]]
== Releases ==
* [[0.11.07]]
* [[0.11.09]]
* [[0.11.10]]
* [[0.11.11]]
* [[0.11.12]]
* [[0.12.02]]
* [[0.13.08]]
== Documentation ==
Coming soon.
== More OpenHatch guides and materials ==
* [[Django for Designers]]
* [[Git_Basics | Git Basics]]
* [[Abandonware | How to Resurrect an Abandoned Project]]
* [[Getting Involved pages]]
== Useful documentation/information that has yet to find a proper home==
[ To edit the main openhatch website's css, go here.]
[[OpenHatch Mailing Lists]]
Pages to sort:
* [[GSoC | Google Summer of Code]]
* We use [[PiratePads]] to do collective editing.
* [[Case studies]] of how people got involved in open source projects
* [[Mission suggestions]]
* [[Student immersion]]
* [[Getting the word out]]
* [[:Category:Meeting|Meeting]]s
* [[Big picture (Feb 2011)]] (historical)
* [[Build it]]
* [[Thinking about missions]] (historical)
* [[Choosing a forum]]
* [[Python user groups 2013]]
* [[Press mentions]]
== Pages that are inactive ==
You can find archived pages in [[:Category:Archived]].
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