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===== Specific ways you can get involved =====
* addWork oron addressone anof issuethe issues in our [[ | issue tracker]].
* Work on a hand-picked [[/First_Tasks | first task]] from one of our affiliated projects.
* work on a first task
* Do you contribute to or maintain an open source project? Make it an [[OpenHatch_affiliated_projects | affiliated project]].
* add a bug tracker to /search
* addAdd information to somea ofwiki these pagespage:
* write a guest blog post about your experiences with open source
** [[Oss_projects_by_domain | scientific open source projects by domain]]
* become an oh-affiliated project
** [[Books on Open Source books]]
* add information to some of these pages:
** [[Open Science for Undergrads]]
** the oss_projects_by_domain
** Open Source books
** open science for undergraduates
** other pages?
== OpenHatch events ==
* [[0.13.08]]
== More OpenHatch guides and materials ==
== Other useful pages ==
* [[Django for Designers]]
== Other useful pages ==
* We use [[PiratePads]] to do collective editing.
* [[Case studies]] of how people got involved in open source projects
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