Big picture (Feb 2011): Difference between revisions

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Now, the hard part. We have limited resources (for now, at least) and a lot of things to do. To make the magic happen, we have to choose very narrow focus area for each milestone, so we are able to receive feedback and decide quickly whether we are going in the right direction. Otherwise we might end up with bloated website full of features that nobody use.
== Asheesh's take on as of today ==
=== Problems with the volunteer opportunity finder (and suggested changes) ===
Some problems with
* People who discover interesting things to work on sometimes worry that the project doesn't really care about accepting that contribution.
* The volunteer opportunities are provided sorted by recency, but really it makes the most sense to sort by "Probability that the project will treat you well as a new contributor". Once you've used the filtering to
* Mentorship is quite unclear: We provide no visible differences
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