Big picture (Feb 2011): Difference between revisions

* Goal: glyph wishes more projects had a clear "This is exactly what you do to submit a patch" page.
** Fix: We should make the presence of such a page part of the ranking of projects. We should make sure that we say it's okay if your page is hosted on your site. We should provide a reasonable template, and make it easy for people on OpenHatch discuss these pages on the forums. (I think we'll get some high-quality feedback from a community of people who hang out on the OpenHatch forums/mailing list just because they like to talk about what makes a good "How to submit a patch" page.)
=== Actionable: Help people join 'Task Forces' to make broad changes to projects ===
I'm imagining that there's a list of "groups" within the site. Anyone can form a group and invite people to it. Your group ''must'' name some achievable goal for its first month of existence; if it does not, the system forcefully disbands the group. The group can only stay together for four months total; after that, its membership and achievements are frozen as a relic of the past.
Some groups I would like to see:
* The "License headers and copyright statements" task force
* The "Write a new OpenHatch training mission" task force
* The "Reach out to university students to teach them about open source" task force
=== Rambling: Most projects don't want to put in the time to encourage participation; how can we help projects that do want new contributors highlight that? ===
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