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* Experienced ''mentors'' who seek contributors
AFAIC that's the best anwesr so far!
==== New contributor experience ====
First and foremost, OpenHatch is about '''lowering barriers of entry'''. We want to ''connect'' new contributors with mentors as fast as possible, without unnecessary hurdles in between. Currently we achieve that by:
* mentor search
* project search
* bug recommendations
* missions
* embeddable ''I want to help'' button
* ''Build helper''
* etc.
These features serve their purpose pretty well. The problem arises when user finds a project that he is willing to work on (by devoting his free time ''and'' effort). Take [ GIMP] for an example: the ''Chatter'' is not filled in, there is no mentor for this project and a link to project's website is nowhere to find. Even if there was a link, there is not guarantee that the project's page will provide all the information required to seamlessly start contributing.
I believe that as part of the OpenHatch's mission, we should devote some 'resources' to encouraging project maintainers and projects mentors to lower that nasty entry barrier for a newcomer. ''Build helper'' is a step in the right direction, but we need to do more. For example:
* Introduce a mechanism, which notifies free mentors that there are projects which require a mentor
* Encourage project maintainers to fill in information on their project(s).
* Create some sort of guidelines section on how projects can lower barriers of entry. A good example is instructing Open Source projects to have a one- to two-step automatic build process, IRC channel, clear ''Getting started'' guide or providing a list of recommended tools. More importantly, we simply '''have to''' be an embodiment of well managed Open Source project (which is hard, I know).
* Add more missions ''and'' make them more visible
* Provide links to online and offline resources on popular technologies (e.g. ''Git Community Book'', [ HGINIT], [ Dive into Python 3] etc.)
* Promote OpenHatch in academia (e.g. Open Source project as a student project)
==== Experienced contributor experience ====
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