Python on Windows: Difference between revisions

(→‎Edit the Path: more on command prompt)
#* A window labeled "Environment Variables" should appear.
# In this window, the screen is split between "User variables" and "System variables". Within "System variables", scroll down and find the one labeled '''Path'''. Click the "Edit..." button.
#* A window with the "Variable name" and the "Variable value" should appear. If you have some words listed in the "Variable value", then click in the box to unhighlight it. Make sure that the current path listed in the box is '''NOT''' highlighted!
# In the "Variable value", scroll to the end. Add this text, and hit OK. Make sure to include the semicolon at the start! <pre>;c:\python27\;c:\python27\scripts</pre>
# Hit "OK" to close out the system properties changes.
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