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'''This will take about 5 extra minutes''', and it is ''essential'' to an easy life using Python down the road.
(Note: These steps are based on a '''[ video that we recommend you watch]'''. They should work equally well on Windows XP, Vista, and 7.)
=== Get to System Properties ===
# Open up "My Computer" by clicking on the Start menu or the Windows logo in the lower-left hand corner, and navigate to "My Computer" (for Windows XP) or "Computer" (For Vista and Windows 7).
# ''Right-click'' on the empty space in the window, and choose ''Properties''
==== If you're using XP ====
#* A window labeled "System Properties" will pop up. Click the "Advanced" tab.
==== If you're not ====
#* A window labeled "View basic information about your computer" should appear
# In this window, click "Advanced system settings"
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